Tomato Plant Grow Cage / Plant Support

The revolutionary Grow Cage is the smartest way to contain almost any plant that needs restraint or support. Designed to be assembled in stages, as your plants grow, it grows with them. 5 rings & 15 legs included.

Product can be used in a hydroponic pond setting as well.

Grows with your plant by adding one section at a time.  Taller than most wire cages. Over 50” assembled.

Hydroponic use

  • Strong Dark Black UV-resistant material: Color blends with plants, will never rust, easy to clean and will last for years.
  • Easy to assemble into various shapes and heights: Designed to support and protect a variety of plants. Rings interlock to form trellis system.
  • Space saver storage: Easily disassembled into small compact sections ready for use next season.
  • Designed with wide flat support surfaces, no sharp edges: Not like wire cages that break branches when fruit is on the vine.
  • Can be used as plant cover supports during cold weather: Cover delicate plants without crushing when covered with plastic bags or drop cloths.
  • Just a few potential uses: Tomatoes, Hydrangea, Ivy (all varieties), Pole Beans, Flowering vines, Squash, Most Berries, Peony Bushes, Climbing Roses, Cucumbers, Clematis, Shrub and Tree supports, Grape Vines, Camellia

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